Our services

Wherever you are, we will always be close to you.

Our motto is availability regardless of the time or place. You will always find us to help you. Mr. Jacques Taylor is our international sales Manager based in Europe and Miss Judy Zhang is our lead coordinator for the China RP based in Beijing and Shenzhen. With their permanent contact, they constitute a real bridge between China and Europe. Whether you are Chinese and you are looking for European products or you are European and you are looking for Chinese products, you will always have the advantage of having a contact person close to you. Our mission is real. We provide not only information on products and producers, not only photographs but also samples, allowing you to test the quality of the products presented to you.

The key to Success

Globalization today increases the competitiveness of companies. The differences will gradually diminish, but there is still a potential for exploitation of these differences. The world is experiencing China's extraordinary growth. In recent years I am on these differences. Today, to my knowledge, you can afford to operate and improve your competitiveness. Everyone is wondering what confidence we can give to Chinese companies. It is true that it can be dangerous to start this work without knowing it. That's why I made my way and many trusted contacts. And now I can tell you more about the confidence you can have with these companies. Good quality and excellent service are also in China, and even devotion.  

The key to success lies in good information.

Our job is to establish the relationship of trust that you hope for. Intermediary between the two cultures, speaking a little bit their language, I can declare all the commercial information legal, technical and allow you to establish your contacts and to start or develop your business. No matter what you're looking for there, we'll find it for you.